"The results are wonderful, there is no more pain in the
treated leg"

"I am recommending your clinic to everyone I see"

"All of my symptoms are gone-the ulcers and inflamed
areas are already almost completely healed and I don't
have pain in my leg anymore"

"My swelling has gone way down, my leg is not as
inflamed as it had been and I have no pain"

"My leg pain is completely gone, thank you so much"

"My pain went from a 9 out of 10 to a 1 out of 10--in 4
days!  I'm very, very pleased".

"My pain and swelling have decreased and my ulcer is
finally starting to heal.  My doctor told me that The Vein
Center is the only place she sends her patients with
vein problems"

"My swelling is way down after treatment and I'm
wearing shoes that I couldn't wear for years; it's time to
go shoe shopping!"
As we've stated in our philosophy section, we realize that
patient and repeat physician referrals are our best advertising.  
We've been fortunate to have an outstanding group of patients
that have recommended The Vein Center to their family, to
friends and to their physicians.
This is just a small collection of the comments that we have gotten
over the last 3 1/2 years but is typical of the results that we get at The
Vein Center.  It has been a great pleasure to meet the many wonderful
patients that come for treatment at The Vein Center as well as their
friends and family.  If you have or suspect that you have vein problems,
please give us a call; we'd love to help you.  If you choose another
facility, please seek attention promptly, before small problems worsen.  
The Vein Center
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