Large, bleeding varicosity,
successfully treated
Post EVLT and
Large Varicosities medial leg,
marked for treatment
This gentleman came to The Vein Center with significant bleeding from varicosities on the outside
of his leg which required treatment at the local emergency room.  He was treated with laser ablation
and medical sclerotherapy at The Vein Center and had no additional bleeding episodes and his
skin (which had been of a leather-like consistency) returned to normal
The next 4 images are of a gentleman whose job required physical conditioning.  He had
been having increasing pain, particularly in the inside of his right leg (a cluster of
varicosities are marked in the second picture).  He was treated with Laser Ablation and
Ambulatory Phlebectomy and had complete resolution of his symptoms.
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We are happy to report that he passed his physical examination without a problem.  We have since
seen some of his colleagues for treatment.